“Don't optimize for conversion,

optimize for revenue”

- Neil Patel


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

“The objective is not to ‘make your links appear natural, the objective is that your links are natural”

Search Engine Optimization – Most sort out technique in the field of Digital Marketing. Whatever might be the organization size, Search Engine Optimization is one of the important factors on which the Organization marketing is dependent upon. FleiBig Solutions with a team of expert professionals carry out the Search Engine Optimization to make your website visible to one and all on the internet.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

“Think like a publisher not like a marketer.”

Pay-per click Management

FleiBig Solutions, provide Pay-Per Click (PPC) Management with advanced and most innovative technical applications irrespective of the Industry category across the globe. Our several years of expertise and hardwork in the World Wide Web of (SEM), for total leverage in PPC management and usage of website have made FleiBig Solutions to reach a pinnacle today.

PPC Management includes bidding strategies and keyword selection. This aids in spending less time and invites more conversions which are so cost effective and a huge saving on the budget. This in turn gives complete liberty in making confident business decisions for the mutual benefit of the clients and the end users as well.

Ad words

“If you want to understand how a Lion hunts don’t go to zoo, go to the jungle”

Yes. What you have read is right. To know the impact of the Ad words, like how a caption is important to know the respective products of organization, similarly to get the product details entering an apt search keyword is also important. This is where FleiBig Solutions, come into picture. FleiBig Solutions, create the most endearing Ad words that make it so easy even for Google to identify the right product, a client is searching for. The right words with choice keywords are presented for a quick usage in several business applications. This enables you to advertise to an audience that already has an interest in transacting business for product usage. The Ad words we create helps the client to get instantly attracted to your site and product or services facilitating the client in purchasing the product or availing your service.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

“Social Media is about sociology and psychology more than technology”

The aim of FleiBig Solutions, is to provide the best client service experience in business applications and processes by the way of Social Media optimisation. Social Media Optimisation - A cost effective and low priced media service, ensuring good and increased social media traffic to help thousands of business platforms to augment their sales on their websites, is the ultimate goal of FleiBig Solutions to make their clients satisfied. The bottom line is getting results, achieved by packaging the products and services in competitive pricing for any type of budget in Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus

Mobile Marketing

FleiBig Solutions, offer both Promotional and Transactional SMS at an affordable cost.

The Promotional SMS is all those marketing and promotional messages that let you create your brand identity, whereas Transactional SMS are the one that send to your current customers as alert messages against availing of any services. It is used mainly by banks, hospitals, retail store, online shopping portals, etc. Our Transactional SMS can be used for marketing, promotional offers like festive season offers, etc and it can also used in promoting any kinds of business services to its target audiences at an affordable cost.

Email Marketing

Tracking and analyzing the performance of emails is very easy with the help of FleiBig Solutions software services. FleiBig Solutions drive real business results and “achieving measurable ROI”

Affiliate Marketing

Making money online is the basis on affiliate marketing thrives and brings huge profits and benefits. FleiBig Solutions, help the businesses in promoting their products, services and websites to earn easy money on the internet. Several variations on this are offered to earn a substantial amount on referring a visitor to make some kind of action by signing up for something and leave an e-mail address. The commissions on sale percentage can be fixed on amount per conversion. They give an opportunity to earn forty per cent commission on every sale by promoting the workbook with an affiliate program. The numerous that augment sales are as follows:

  • High traffic is an added advantage always
  • Looking for related products
  • Identifying  good quality products
  • Trust building with the readers
  • Capturing the buying mood of the reader
  • Writing a good sales copy

Web Analytics

An easy open sourced Web analytics is offered at FleiBig Solutions, by Websites Apps Online Review, Conversion Analysis, Website Visitor Analysis, Website Call Tracking. This enables you to track and analyze how the traffic is coming and what people do to use your website and services. The data is very valuable as it helps to support and download all information. You are enabled to get good results for the entire organization, which indeed boosts sales and locate new visitors.

Content Marketing

“Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life”

FleiBig Solutions, provide content for both online and offline production media. When you opt for the content marketing services it is not an individual but a team of experienced writers that you work with clients.

Reputation Building

Online Public Relations - Business Blog Marketing - Social Press Release - Crisis Management -Social Media Newsrooms Development & Management Reputation Management Print & Graphic Online Video Production Consulting & Training Trade Show Marketing

Social Campaigns link ad manager

Online Public Relations - Business Blog Marketing - Social Press Release - Crisis Management -Social Media Newsrooms Development & Management Reputation Management Print & Graphic Online Video Production Consulting & Training Trade Show Marketing


The best website designs are offered by FleiBig Solutions that are comparable with the most popular ones across the globe. FleiBig Solutions is capable of developing any type of a website from a simple page to a Hi-tech E-commerce Website, ensuring to make your online presence a real experience.

FleiBig Solutions offer services in graphic design such as Web Designing,Logo Design, Business Branding and Marketing, Image Development ,Tagline and Slogan Development, Logos, Brochure, Magazines, Ads for Online or print trade show displays, Web Banners, Illustration & Picture/ Photo graphic design , corporate graphic design , colored graphic design , brand promotion graphic design service, advertising consultancy & creative concepts design and customized graphic design service.

Our website maintenance covers the following:

  • Product & Content Updates
  • Development Services
  • Design/Re-design Services
  • Website Analysis Services

WEBSITE maintenance ….Your new website is live! Now you need a way to keep your site updated with fresh, accurate content. By regularly updating your site, you’ll improve your search engine rankings, increase your number of visitors, and strengthen your company’s online presence. A website maintenance plan is a key to the ongoing success of your website.

Depending on the task, we think a few steps forward customers desires during the development of our web-based solutions, whether it is design or technology used. As a result, there are ergonomic, comfortable, practical and supporting any device products.