“Planning without action is futile, action without planning is fatal”

- Cornelius Fitchmen


Life is a journey not a destination. Each and every minute of life is to be travelled and enjoyed. There will be many events in each and everyone’s life. There is no meaning for life if there is no celebration.

A celebration can be any public assembly for the purpose of education, corporate events, social events, marketing or reunion.

Fleibig Solutions focus on being productive instead of being busy.

The plan that make Fleibig Solutions a winner in the field of Professional Event Management especially is their principle of 5’W’s (Why, What, When, Where, Who)

    • WHY – defining the purpose of the event
    • WHO – Key markets / stake holders
    • WHERE – location / venue
    • WHEN – Timing / Duration
    • WHAT – type / form of the event, scale, key program and creative elements and theme

Want to have one such memory in your life time

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